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Confidence Office for persons in acting and music in Germany, who are impacted by sexual harassment and sexualized violence. They offer free psychological and legal consultation.

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This is an Initiative that collects stories from people affected by violence and discrimination in the German music industry. This page also offers a collection of ressources and collects statements from the music industry on how they want to commit to making their spaces safer.


This is an agency for inclusion, diversity, equity as well as music industry know how. They offer a glossary and many helpful resources on their site, as well as workshops and consulting for institutions.

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Diversity Arts Culture is a design and consultation office for diversity development in the cultural sector. They also offer a glossary and many helpful resources on their site.

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We Have Voice is a collective of 14 musicians, performers, scholars, and thinkers from different generations, races, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, gender identities, economic backgrounds, religious beliefs and affiliations. Together, they are determined to engage in transformative ways of thinking and being in their creative professional world, while being ingrained in an inclusive and intersectional analysis.

The Awareness Akademie supports the development of and the sensibilization for anti-discriminatory structures and is actively working for the prevention of violence and exclusion within club culture.


Support f(x) strengthens and promotes awareness and anti-discrimination work in the context of events. Various forms of exclusion, violence and discrimination still characterize coexistence in our society. We do not accept this state of affairs.

– Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz aka AGG

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